View Full Version : Need advice on housing 30K of songs

Dave Strickler
2005-02-24, 20:35
I have put over 8k sounds under iTunes and saw sluggishness as the XML
database that it had to keep up was getting quite large. I imagine your
30k of songs will push it to the limit, but I don't know for sure.

Advice: Get a fast hard drive and lots of RAM for use as the O/S tries
to cache the writes.

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>>> chris (AT) concatmedia (DOT) com 2/24/2005 7:47:01 PM >>>
Can anyone give me any tips on dealing with 30k or so worth of songs?

I have a client who has a HUGE CD collection and wants to take the
of the crop and put them on a 250gig or 300gig HD for his listening

I'm hoping the 6.0 release will ease up the time it takes to search
generate large playlists. Is there any danger of filling the disc that
contains the music library, yes we're using iTunes, completely? Does
slimserver need space to store data?

Will I need to even use the iTunes library with 6.0? It seems like the
slimserver will have its own db of songs, no?