View Full Version : Announce: SlimServer 6.0a1 (How to for Suse 9?)

Dave Strickler
2005-02-24, 20:32
I had a similar experience with the RPM for 6a, but in my case it just
wouldn't install at all. I am running SuSE 9.2 with 512MB.

I will try the tar ball this weekend and see if I get any better
results. I also have upgraded to 1GB of RAM.

Dave Strickler
Mailwise LLC
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>>> mscott (AT) pyewacket (DOT) org 2/24/2005 5:31:18 PM >>>
Quoting Johnny Stork < stork (AT) openenterprise (DOT) ca >:

> I just uninstalled ther 5.4 rpm for Suse and tried to install the 6
> alpha, but it is made for Redhat as various file locations are not
> found. Is there an install or init script to make this version work
> Suse EL 9?

I haven't had a chance to download 6 yet, but my experience with SuSE
has been
to forget the RPM (It's RedHat-centric) and use the tarball instead.

I posted a modified init script that I use for 5.x awhile back. I can
after I've tried 6, or you can dig it out of the archives and give it a
shot. YMMV.

- Mike Scott
- mscott (AT) pyewacket (DOT) org