View Full Version : My NOT good wireless experience

Phillip Kerman
2005-02-24, 19:20
> On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:26:03 -0700, John Hernandez
> <jph (AT) jph (DOT) net> wrote:
> > As a datapoint, you may try turning off WEP. I'm not
> suggesting this as
> > a good long-term solution, but you might consider something like MAC
> > filtering if WEP is indeed the problem with your particular setup.
> I don't have my squeezebox yet and I'm getting the wired version
> (though slimserver is on a wireless box) - I would like to note that
> it is rather trivial to sniff both MAC address and SSID key even if
> SSID is not broadcast and MAC filtering is on. That may not be a
> concern - I don't have WEP on myself, I'm not worried about people
> using my connection for illegal stuff etc. but there are tools
> specifically designed to take advantage of non encryption protected
> networks, if you live where there are a lot of people going buy, etc.
> or in an apartment, you may not want to disable WEP, last thing you
> want is your IP associated with a child porn sting.
> Turning WEP off might help diagnose the problem though, maybe you
> should try 64 instead of 128?

I thought cracking WEP was relatively easy too. I can't make my SB wireless
work if I have WEP turned on.