View Full Version : SlimSever 6.0a1 Weird ID3 Tag Interpretation

Matt Nadler
2005-02-24, 16:10
Whew. This server is not ready for my computer.
Windows XP cannot handle it. I've noted the following

-- Tags are getting mixed up: Songs from one album
get the correct artist (e.g. Hotwax from Beck) but the
wrong album ("Art Deco Music Collection" instead of
the correct "Odelay").
-- I get weird accounting like: "Your music library
contains 768 albums with 9277 songs by 0 artists."
The numbers are correct except for the 0 artists.
-- My computer sometimes crawls to a stall and the
server stops streaming music for 5 - 10 second
-- The Artist Names & Composers get mixed together and
repeated eg., "Devil's Haircut from Art Deco Music
Collection (Disc 2 of 3) Beck Beck Hansen Beck Beck
-- Takes a really long time to scan the collection.
Much much longer than 5.4 (but I didn't check a clock)
-- Now that I have rescanned (just 10 minutes ago), I
cannot browse or search for anything except by artwork
or New Music.

I've tried clearing the cache and rescanning, but the
preformance with the tag displays is extremely spotty.
For people info, I have an Athalon 2.6 CPU with 1 Gig
ram. The MP3 files were all riped with a LAME encoder
and have ID3 2.2 tags.

Going back to 5.4.


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Dan Sully
2005-02-24, 16:17
* Matt Nadler shaped the electrons to say...

>Whew. This server is not ready for my computer.
>Windows XP cannot handle it. I've noted the following

Matt - sorry to head about the problems. Could you send me your slimserversql.db file?

And possibly the server log, if you have it still?

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