View Full Version : Execute arbitrary script from squeezebox (not Execute.pm??)

Stephen Blott
2005-02-24, 09:50
I'm trying -- so far unsuccessfully -- to solve the following problem:

I want to execute an arbitrary script using the squeezebox remote.
However, I want whatever's playing at the moment to keep playing.
From what I can see, this doesn't seem to be what the Execute.pm
plugin achieves.

Here's the specific context:

I have a USB FM tuner connected to the Mic input on my soundcard, and
I'm using darkice and icecast to stream the radio output to my
squeezeboxes. The FM tuner is connected to the cable network. I'm
using this to listen to stations that I can't get over the air (BBC
Radio 4, etc. -- I live in the RoI). This is a FreeBSD server, and I
don't want to use AlienBBC as I have the radio on all the time and may
have to pay for bandwidth.

The problem I'm trying to solve is: How can I change station using
the SB remote?

I have scripts that tune to the various stations that I'm interested
in. These are sitting in some directory. I'd like to be able to
select the correct script, and have it executed. The stream would
then change (a few seconds later, due to buffering) to the new

Execute.pm almost achieves what I want. However, it seems also to
stop the current stream -- which I don't want.

Any pointers would be appreciated.