View Full Version : Why I didn't buy a Squeezebox

Phillip Kerman
2005-02-23, 15:12
>... but when Roku gets support for my Live365
> account happening, I'll be just fine with that. If I buy a
> second unit
> (which is quite possible) it will quite probably be a Squeezebox, but
> for the immediate satisfaction factor of getting my music
> served to the
> stereo system in the living room, the SoundBridge won because
> it was in
> stock.

There's a contradiction in this logic: you can't wait for Squeezebox because
it's backordered... but you can buy the Roku and wait for the Live365

Not looking to pick an argument... but the other premise (that if it's
listed as 6-8 weeks then it's probably longer) is not necessarily true.