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Mark Teigen
2005-02-22, 18:21
Wow, finally I can add my 2 cents....

I use TelCanto on my IPAQ. It works GREAT! Of course it's not free. But it
makes a great interface with no delays of any kind. The option to show
artwork is really cool.......

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Aaron Zinck <azinck3@...> writes:

> "Simon Still" wrote
> > One of the major selling points of the squeezebox and the most
> > expensive part of it is the display and the interface is set up
> > accordingly - searching 'blind' would be rather hit and miss.
> I have to concur with Simon. I imagine that if you give softsqueeze a try
> you'll quickly see how difficult it would be to control a squeezebox
> seeing the display. Wifi PDA's definitely the way to go if you need to
> the device.

The one problem I have heard about using this method is that the Wi-Fi on
PDA sleeps and after you pick up the PDA and activate the screen, the wi-fi
takes 5 seconds or so to reactivate. Is this true? I would imagine if the
wi-fi was constantly on the battery would run down very fast.