View Full Version : diagnosing dropouts

2005-02-22, 14:09

I can't seem to see a pattern to my dropout problems. It only really
happens with raw pcm over wireless, which, I know, isnt really
supported and can be expected to work only under optimal conditions.
The thing is, right now I'm in a hospital in which wireless is
disallowed (for archaic reasons and I'm nowhere near any respirators
anyway), I see no other wireless networks in kismet and the nearest
microwave is pretty far away. My SB reports 92% signal strength and
the notebook that is running slimserver (5.4.0) is a 1.7Ghz dothan
with 1G of ram and very little else running (linux). It sometimes
runs for many hours without interruption at home where the 2.4ghz band
is pretty crowded, but right now, here, under what I believe are as
optimal as conditions could be, I'm getting periodic dropouts (usually
in clusters of 3 or 4).

Does anyone have info on diagnosing these dropouts? Is there a way to
get slimserver to report when it happens (can it even tell?)?