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Andrew Lucas
2005-02-22, 13:09
I like the touchscreen approach also, I have a touch screen monitor, touch
screen wall mountable pc, tablet pc and ipaq all of which I use with

A bit of an overkill perhaps but I settled on the tablet pc as being the
most practical as the scroll bars & buttons on the useful skins are all way
too small for the average finger, you really need to use a pen but this
works great with Fishbone.


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I'm very interested to hear what you end up doing with the AirPanel as your
Slimserver control...please post to this list with your experiences with it.

I don't have an AirPanel, but my dream home audio device involves a touch
screen. The AirPanel/Slimserver combo to control a squeezebox would be very
close to a perfect solution for me (aside from the Windows requirement,
which sucks). I'm curious how well the AirPanel works with some of the other
Slimserver skins, particularly FishBone...


Jason wrote:

>There is no "standard" Slim touch skin. The one that exists is one
>that some hardworking fool in the Netherlands or somesuch created.
>I think if you search through the archives you can find out who the guy
>is and email him directly with the changes/enhancements he might be
>willing to collaborate with you.
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>>OK, so I've got my lovely 15" ViewSonic AirPanel as a POC for
>>touchscreen control of slimserver (and possibly other stuff).
>> The panel itself seems to work very well. But the standard
>>slimserver touch skin isn't all that great. Does anyone know if there
>>are any others out there.
>>Alternatively, I don't mind doing the work myself :o... But how
>>difficult is it to skin slimserver? I don't want to have to spend
>>weeks doing it or the wife will kill me :D