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2005-02-21, 17:03

I am loving my wireless music since I got my SB about 6 weeks ago, but I
have some questions. I particularly enjoy Rhapsody.

Can anyone give me an update on Rhapsody for versions later than 5.4?.
Earlier there was a thread pleading for Rhapsody support to be continued.
There was no response about the future of Rhapsody on squeezebox. Is it
going to be continued to be supported?

I love my squeezebox but I would not give up streaming Rhapsody and would
hate to get shut of new plugins because of it. (I'd like the Bio plugin on
5.4.1, I love musicmagic for playlists).

Which brings up a question, does slimdevices have their own roadmap, in
other words, are their features that they take responsibility for?

For instance, the website identifies AudioFeast, but as far as I can tell
the plugin does not work (my problem is the same as the ones others have
identified). Is it going to work in the future? Does Slimdevices support
it since they are listed as a partner? Is this the place to go for support?

This OpenSouce stuff is great...but does create a bit of haze around
supported features and the product roadmap.



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