View Full Version : How does SB find a slimserver? (solved)

Jason Temple
2005-02-21, 12:21
This is offtopic as well - I wanted to mention this an not leave Michael
hanging here ;-) If folks want to know more about this wireless
meshing, etc just email me (I don't want to pollute this list).

Michael Peters wrote:

> I'm curious about that firmware - I *just* went wireless, allowing me
> to move my computer stuff out of the living room and into my office. I
> also have a Linksys wrt54g.
> Where my LaserJet4 is - I currently have to have a crossover cable
> from the back of my workstation running across the carpet to it - and
> it's a bit of an eyesore, I've been looking at various ethernet to
> wireless bridges - but they seem to cost about twice as much as a
> wireless router, which seems a little rediculous to me, since a
> wireless router essentially is also a bridge.
> Would that firmware allow me to use a second wrt54g as an
> ethernet-wireless bridge for the LaserJet 4? It sounds like it would,
> but I want to make sure.
Sure it would. A second WRT54g simply needs wallpower and that's it.
It acts as a bridge AND an AP (increasing the wireless mushroom).
Simply plug the laserjet4 into the wrt54g and it will bridge in WDS mode
(the setup is easy and well documented on the Sveasoft forum). I would
suggest disabling the loopback interface as that's what started this
thread ;-) Any further questions or troublshooting for the Sveasoft
I'll take offline for ya'all