View Full Version : Insane number of timers: 2333

Richard Drdul
2005-02-20, 18:32
Does anyone know what causes this error, and how to correct it?

SlimServer has started!

SlimServer starts okay, but then once I press "play" on the remote or
click "play" on SlimServer, it freaks out with the error below. The
SqueezeBox then reports that it has lost the connection to SlimServer.

Insane number of timers: 2333

After which SlimServer repeatedly tries to open page
http://localhost:9000/... (that's all of the address that it displays).

I'm running SlimServer 5.4 on a WinXP Pro SP2 machine. I have tried a
connection to the SqueezeBox via a pair of Netgear XE102 powerline
ethernet bridges (tested at 12.8 to 14.0 Mbps), as well as a direct
ethernet connection from the router to the SqueezeBox (wire running
across the floor and down the hallway). The problem occurs with both
types of connections. The direct connection used to work flawlessly
before my motherboard melted down and I replaced it.


Richard Drdul
Vancouver, BC