View Full Version : I need help - Slimserver failing on Mac.

Steve Payonzeck
2005-02-20, 13:04

The nightly 6.0 builds have exhibited the same
problems (starting, scanning, then shutting down) for
me. (I'm running SlimServer on a pimped-out Cube,
serving a Squeezebox and an original SlimP3 box) - the
simple answer for me was to switch to the nightly
5.4.1 builds which have been working great, and NOT to
use 6.0 yet.

I'll be happy to take that MacMini off your hands and
install it into my car as a mobile SlimServer... (heh)


PS: Still having no luck with AlienBBC - does anyone
have a definitive, complete set of
instructions/dependencies they'd be willing to share?



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