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pekka kohonen
2005-02-19, 13:43
I executed this recommended downgrade for the wmadec application, and now everything works fine. Obsviously the wmadec release for server release 5.4 has not been tested properly and this kind of side effect was brought in.

I also tested the behaviour for different kinds of wma files (fixed rate, variable rate and lossless); they all are played as mono with the wmadec.exe included in the 5.4 release.

Million thanks for Steve Dickie for the hint, you really made my day (now my collection of some hundreds of album rips sound really great with the SlimServer/Squeezebox system).


stevedickie <steve_dickie (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
The mono problem affected all my WMA lossless files (about 5000).
It can be solved by replacing the WMADEC file (with an older one (it must be
pre-5.4, I'm using the 5.3.1 WMADEC file).
Everything else about 5.4.1 will then work fine including
AlienBBC (possibly the best plugin yet). I've been using this solution for
over a month without any problems. The only thing I haven't tried is WMA
radio, which was probably the reason WMADEC was modified for 5.4.0.
I think this indicates that the problem lies in the changes made to WMADEC
when it went from 5.3.1 to 5.4.0. Ive tried everything else I could think of -
used fresh installs on different PCs, three different squeezeboxes, the
different audio outputs, etc - always get just mono sound. Its very simple
just to switch the decoder file and get stereo back but I guess this won't be
a solution that appeals to everyone.