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Chris May
2005-02-18, 06:09
Yo KDF and any SlimDevices guys,

Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but there seems to be no link on the
SlimDevices pages to the online forum that kdf just posted. If you
follow the community and forums link it takes you to the mailing lists
subscription or archive.

Is this online forum under construction? I noticed after doing a search,
that the results were listed in non-chronological order. I would think
that would be the preferable way to list results, or atleast make the
results orederable by date or username....


Ps. Thanks for translating the mailing list to an online forum. I much
prefer letting you guys store the thousands of emails so I can search
them. That leaves me with more room for more music!

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Quoting JJ <jj (AT) zolx (DOT) com>:

> Ah, the benefits of a timely and handy mailing list. Too bad you
> can't just go to a group of user forums, do a convenient search to
> find answers to simple questions like this and then return in a month
> or two when the urge strikes you again.


now to actually answer the question...

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> > I've been off list for a few months...
> >
> > Is the next version of the slimsever going to utilize the SQL
> > backend? If not what is the status of the SQL version?
> >
> > Thanks!

6.0 will be the version with te SQL back end. It is currently available
in 'unstable' nightly builds:

Despite the label, the builds are getting to be fairly solid.