View Full Version : I need help - Slimserver failing on Mac.

Allan Hise
2005-02-18, 01:55
On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Mark wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been running Slimserver on a Windows machine for a few years now
> with very few problems.
> However, in an act of madness I decided to buy the Apple Mac Mini to
> see what I think of OSX.
> I'm currently trying to set-up the Slimserver on the Mac but am having
> weird problems - and to be honest I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing
> :-)
> Anyway, this is what is happening:
> 1) I've downloaded the Slimserver for OSX software.
> 2) Installed the software and it now appears in my system preferences.
> 3) Started the server, and selected 'when I logon' in the system
> preferences screen.
> 4) I then go to the slimserver webpage and can see that it is scanning
> my library and finding my Music.
> 5) After a minute or so the server stops running (in system
> preferences) and I can no longer get to the webpage.
> This is happening everytime I try this...
> Any ideas on what could be wrong. Please remember I'm new to OSX so
> if you have anything I could check please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Mark

First, a few questions:
1) What verison of OS X? Since it is a Mini, it should be almost current.
Have you run software update to get yourself fully current?
2) Are you interfacing with iTunes?
3) Is your firewall on? (Sharing Preference pane). If so, did you open up
the ports for the slimserver?
4) Which version of slimserver?
5) How much memory in the mini (the default 256MB is too low)

I don't know if any of those really matter, however.

Is there anything in the log file? If I remember correctly (not at home,
so I can't check) it should be in ~/Library/Logs/slimserver.log . (And
Just in case, '~' means, the home directory of the account that installed
slim server, which is probably 'you')

I'll try to think of other things it oculd be...