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John J. Stimson-III
2005-02-17, 15:15
Dave Owen wrote:

>That brings up a question: is there a benefit to using the optical
>output versus the coax, or vice versa, in general on digital output

There really shouldn't be, assuming a well-engineered implementation
of each, but many high-end reviewers swear that the optical connection
sounds less precise but "warmer" than the electrical connection. They
also talk about "rhythm and pace", which in musical terms are orders
of magnitude different in time scale to the sampling rate and yn
jitter that might influence it. My conclusion? Those people are
crazy. They might be hearing some real difference, but they have no
idea how to describe it.

I'm going to use the coaxial cable because I've got some spare 75 Ohm
coax sitting around, and I don't have a TOSlink fiber cable.


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