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Ralph Edington
2005-02-17, 13:26
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> Carl Maskelyne wrote:
> > The true Audiophiles are in the
> > main still on vinyl because CD's "don't have the same warm feel".
> Rubbish. Sorry, that's too polite: bollocks. Early digital technology
> was not well understood and did indeed sound poor. Current technology is
> far better and sounds comparable to "quality" vinyl. You obviously had
> some exposure to "audiophiles" sometime back in the 80s/90s and haven't
> moved on.
> > Could make some enemys here but the few Audiophiles that I know
> are still
> > all listening to 70's prog rock that doesn't sound that great
> at the best of
> > times.
> Once again, don't judge the rest of the world based on your own narrow
> experiences.
> R.
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My comments on the above snippets:

I have met only one person, in the flesh, and within the last year (not in
the 80s or 90s), who claimed to be an audiophile. This person (a man) was
indeed an absolute vinyl nut and had a great disdain for all things
digitized. He was also stuck on listening to 70's progressive rock. No
kidding. He also wouldn't shake hands with anyone, for fear of germs. I
really am NOT kidding in the slightest.

A sample of one, I know. But is there a connection between audiophilia and
OCD? For my friend the non-hand-shaker, there's not a doubt in my mind.