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Carl Maskelyne
2005-02-17, 08:02
This whole thread seems to be a bit over the top to me. I have a squeezebox
that I can move around my house listen to all of my music, take it in the
garden for BBQ's and plug it into my stereo. The true Audiophiles are in the
main still on vinyl because CD's "don't have the same warm feel". Most of us
probably use the SB in the way I have described and love it for being small
portable giving us access to all of our music all around the house. At the
moment is there probably no better way doing this.

Lets face it how many of us have copied our entire collection across as WAV
files anyway. For me the convenience of being able to listen to all my
tracks at a slightly reduce quality out ways the hassle of digging through
piles of albums to find a record at the back that I haven't listened to for

Could make some enemys here but the few Audiophiles that I know are still
all listening to 70's prog rock that doesn't sound that great at the best of

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I would note that Sean (Slim CEO) responded to the other thread on this
board yesterdat about Squeezebox test results and they
praised his responsiveness.

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> Jason:
> This isn't directed just at you, because it seems your attitude toward
> audiophiles is pretty widely held. This isn't meant to be a flame;
> I'm genuinely curious about your thinking and not personally offended.
> "this drivel" is a cursory opinion based on a picture of the SB board.
> The opiner is a frequent participator in very technical circuit
> design discussions that I've read, and is credited with some original
> designs. I am not in a position to judge whether he is a genius or a
> poser, but he is obviously not what I imagine you are mocking. He may
> or may not consider himself an "audiophile". As a literalist with a
> penchant for etymology, I cannot deny that I am an audiophile.
> Furthermore, those who have replied to this little thread with a
> cogent technical response to Glassman's post, have said that,
> essentially, its true that it is a very simple design. In my
> experience, the readership of head-fi is pretty well informed and
> especially resistant to the >$=>SQ fallacy. They are headphone
> lovers, mostly because it is more practical to get good sound. Many
> of them use computers (this post is from the computers-as-source
> forum) and there is constant debate about the best way to get your
> bits to your DAC. 331 people have viewed the thread since the
> original post 3 days ago. They will not "take a pass on the product
> because they believe its not the epitome of design", they will pass on
> the product if they believe something else in their price range will
> do a better job for their purpose. Most of them will do a lot of
> research before coming to that decision. I, as a happy slimdevices
> customer, simply wanted to give SD and their supporters a chance to
> add some more information to a source that will be consulted by a ffew
> more than 10 potential customers.
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:18:38 -0700, Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net> wrote:
>> If 10 audiophiles who believe this drivel take a pass on the product
>> they believe it's not the epitome of design I hardly think it will be the
>> end of the world.
>> Sometimes the best advice to be taken is "don't feed the bears".
>> >
>> > Not to fork this thread any more than it already has been,
>> > but aren't there a couple of SlimDevices folk on this list?
>> > If their product is being panned on a widely-read list, they
>> > should jump at the chance to set the record straight.
>> >
>> > >From what I read the original poster of the disparaging
>> > remark stated
>> > >that he
>> > didn't even own a Squuzebox. That to me speaks volumes, but
>> > there are lemmings out there that take these postings as gospel.
>> >
>> > Hey SD guys, defend your honor! This is a great product and
>> > I'd hate to see some make a decision to go elsewhere based on
>> > one fool's uneducated opinion.
>> >
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