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2005-02-16, 16:18
If 10 audiophiles who believe this drivel take a pass on the product because
they believe it's not the epitome of design I hardly think it will be the
end of the world.

Sometimes the best advice to be taken is "don't feed the bears".

> Not to fork this thread any more than it already has been,
> but aren't there a couple of SlimDevices folk on this list?
> If their product is being panned on a widely-read list, they
> should jump at the chance to set the record straight.
> >From what I read the original poster of the disparaging
> remark stated
> >that he
> didn't even own a Squuzebox. That to me speaks volumes, but
> there are lemmings out there that take these postings as gospel.
> Hey SD guys, defend your honor! This is a great product and
> I'd hate to see some make a decision to go elsewhere based on
> one fool's uneducated opinion.
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> - Mike Scott
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