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George VanWagner
2005-02-16, 14:56
The company I work for does pro audio gear, and having had a brief conversation with a couple of our engineers, their conclusion is that unless you're running REALLY long cables (from a few hundred feet to several miles) or in an extremely (electrically) noisy environment there's not really anything to be gained from using a data transformer on your digital outs, provided the circuit was properly designed in the first place. As to whether the Squeezebox circuit is properly designed or not, I can't say as we don't have one here to dissect, but such designs tend to be pretty cookie cutter for standard chip sets.

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This is what I'm looking for. Can anyone comment on George's
speculation about transformers?

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> It seems to me that transformers tend to round waveform edges. Wouldn't that make jitter potentially worse by making the edge detection a little spotty?