View Full Version : RE: 5.0.1-1 upgrade buglet on RedHat

Eric Gauthier
2003-11-29, 09:48
>On Sat, 2003-11-29 at 06:06, Eric Gauthier wrote:
>> I just upgraded to 5.0.1-1 on my RedHat box, and got the following
>> error:
>> [root@music kits]# rpm --upgrade slimserver-5.0.1-1.noarch.rpm
>> sed: can't read /etc/sysconfig/slimserver.rpmnew: No such file or
>> directory
>As it says on the download page, you should rpm -e SliMP3
>before installing slimserver.

This was an upgrade from slimserver (a recent nightly build) to 5.0.1-1.

It was NOT an upgrade from SliMP3. Sorry for the confusion.