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George VanWagner
2005-02-16, 12:42
My point was that, for a unit that's equivalent to the Squeezebox, the Roku is $30-40 less, and that running with SlimServer, although not officially supported, works just fine with the current release version. The SoundBridge M2000 doesn't have an equivalent offering from Slim Devices. Yes, VFDs aren't cheap and the price delta between the M1000 and M2000 reflects that (well that and the fact that the larger milled aluminum chassis for the M2000 will also be more expensive to produce).

It's not my intention to knock Slim in any way. It's a great unit, and SlimServer is by far the best software in its niche. I made the mistake early on of buying the MacSense HomePOD which uses the GlooLabs Java based Gloo server - Dropout city and no support for Ogg, AAC, etc. When I wanted to upgrade, I just couldn't see the justification for the combination of an extra $30-40 bucks AND a 6 week wait for a Squeezebox when the Fry's around the corner had the Roku stuff in stock.

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> It's working fine with SlimServer 5.4.2 for me. Unless Slim dropped the price
> of a wireless equipped unit to $149, the Roku solution is actually cheaper
> ($249 for the SoundBridge 1000, $50 less for the 500 as opposed to the $279
> or $289 if you need a platinum finished unit that's currently listed on the
> Slim Devices website), as well, not $100 more. The only one that's more
> expensive than Slim is the SoundBridge 2000 with the giant display.

Forgive my oversimplification. I dont actually spend much time reviewing their

SoundBridge M1000 - $249
Soundbridge M2000 - $499

so, its actually $250 more (I was not comparing prices to squeezebox), for just
a display change. The point is that a VFD display is expensive. Pretty, but
not cheap.