View Full Version : SlimP3 skips regularly

Jeremy Bond Shepherd
2005-02-16, 05:51
I have a SlimP3 that I use with SlimServer 5.4.0 on MacOSX connected
to my G4 867mhz over 10Mbps wired Ethernet. I use the itunes feature,
and have a rather large itunes library (12,000+ songs). Frequently the
SlimP3 will skip and stutter, sometimes remaining silent for a minute
or two at a time before coming back to life. Other times it stutters
for fractions-of-a-second bursts lasting a few seconds to a minute.

I suspect the problem is related to processor load, am not sure, and in
any case I need some tips on how to troubleshoot. I'm not sure whether
keeping and reviewing a log might help pinpoint the problem. I've
puttered around in various logs but cannot find anything that helps.

It seems to have this problem less frequently if I manually renice the
slimserver process to -15. Is there a way I can configure the system to
start up the slimserver with this priority, so I don't have to do it
manually? This is an okay workaround.

Any other suggestions on how to reduce or eliminate this would be


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