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Dolf Dijkstra
2005-02-16, 05:31
Hi Dan,

I have faced the same issue. When I started ripping my cd collection I used
FLAC (lossless) for two reasons
1) as best audio quality as possible
2) never-rip-again because it is lossless and can be re-encoded into any
lossy format in the future.

When I began I believed that the first factor (audio quality) was the most
important for me. After using Slim for a year and a iPod I realized that the
second is the more important one. I have re-encoded my collection several
times to lossy format with different encodings. For the iPod I have settled
on AAC (for now).

I have tested with several tools to re-encode flac (for instance
foobar2000). At the end I have written my own java program to do this,
mainly because some (all??) of the available flac-to-lossy encoders have
issues with correct tagging (esp for accentuated characters).

An alternative to my java program (currently it is broken so I can't share
it) is to write your own script to convert from lossless to lossy. MP3Tag
(mp3tag.de) has an option to export your tags to a export file on disk, for
instance a cvs file. They use a little scripting langauge that allows you
for create different formats. With a bit a creativity you could create a
export format that writes a script that encodes your lossless files to a
copy with a lossy format and correctly tags the new lossy files. For this
encoding you can use faac (for aac encoding) or lame (for mp3). Both take
command line paramters for tagging. Faac is more flexible on the tagging.
Lame is limited to id3v1 genre list for the Genre tags for instance.

Pat Farrell has a perl script that encodes a flac collection to mp3, but I
believe that his tagging is limited. He has posted the location to his
script before in this forum.

You don't mention what your lossless format is. If it is apple lossless I
don't know if you can encode that to a lossy format.

Bottom line: if you have ripped most of your collection to lossless it is
possible to re-encode them to lossy. You can either use an existing tool
(like foobar) or spend some time and write your own script to do this.



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> I remember this being touched on a while back but my
> search of my 12,000 e-mails from the list brought up
> nill. Anyway, I just bought an iPod for working out
> and my long drives and love it. The problem is that
> my library is either ripped at eac insane or lossless
> rates so it just doesn't hold as much as I would like.
> How does everyone else deal with this? I was thinking
> one solution is to rip CDs at two different rates:
> lossless for squeezebox and 128 (or around that rate)
> for the iPod. If I did this how would this work with
> slimserver seeing that I use iTunes in the slimserver?
> Has anyone found a solution ipods and slimserver to
> co-exist?
> Dan
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