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Tore Johnsson
2005-02-15, 04:25
Thanks for your answer

I looked into the pm using notes but I donīt know how to change for
Stockholm + 1 hour.

I canīt see the name PublicRadiofan in SB. Itīs black and the SB lockes for
a while and then go back to for ex Now playing.
So itīs impossible to use this PRFP.

Kind Regards
Tore Johnsson

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I have installed SlimServer_5_4_x_v2005-02-05.exe
and have installed this plugin.
When I scroll to the plugin the SB stops for a while.
I can see plugin in Slimserver prg but in under SB plugins.

Please advise how to get PublicRadioFan Plugin to work
Kind Regards

As far as I know this plugin is currently unsupported by the author. But it

works for me in a WinXP SP2 environment with minimal setup. I use
Softsqueeze and a SlimP3. I think others have it running in a MAC
environment too.

The only modification to the file that is recommended is to edit the file to

reflect your time zone (uncomment one line that defines your time zone). I
placed the file in the Program Files\slimserver\server\plugins directory.
Restarting Slimserver, I made sure that it is checkmarked in Server/Plugins.

Using the remote I arrow down to "Internet Radio" >"PublicRadioFan.com
Streams" or via "Plugins" > "Internet Radio" > "PublicRadioFan.com Streams".

When I right-arrow at that point, I see "Please donate to
PublicRadioFan.com" "CONNECTING" then after it connects and the display
switches to "Public Radio Genres (1 of 2) MUSIC (or down-arrow to
NON-MUSIC). Right-arrowing from those yields a list of programs to play.
Right arrowing from a program presents the (1 or more) playable stations.
Pressing 'Play' at this point plays the stream.

Do you seem something similar, and at what point are you stopping?