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John J. Stimson-III
2005-02-14, 17:26
I wasn't able to get any information out of the RPM using rpm2cpio or
rpm2tgz (I'm not familiar with cpio and it didn't want to create any
directories, and rpm2tgz didn't seem to translate any permission or
ownership information).

However, I did manage to get the server running as user "slim", and
answered some of my own questions

> What are the contents of /etc/slimserver.conf?
Same as ~/.slimserver.pref

> What are the ownership/permissions for /etc/slimserver.conf?
Owned by "slim" (group slim and group writable didn't seem to work!).

> What is the home directory for user 'slim'?

I used /home/slimserver

> What are its contents?
Nothing is necessary. I found it to be a convenient place to put the
playlists directory, owned by slim.

> What are the contents of the slimserver init/startup script?

/usr/local/slimserver/slimserver.pl --user slim --group slim --daemon\
--logfile /home/slimserver/slimserver.log
--cachedir /tmp/slimserver

All of the problems I was having seem to have come from the fact that
slimserver.pl tries to write some HTML files to the cache directory.
If slimserver.pl has been run under a different UID (root, for
instance), it leaves all those files behind. Then when I tried to run
slimserver as UID slim, it crashed because it couldn't overwrite the
cached files that root had left behind.

I think that it would help out people who are creating new
installations to make the default for HTML Cacheing (in the
performance menu) to be "don't cache". Otherwise, someone who runs it
for the first time just to check functionality, or play with the new
toy, won't unknowingly shoot themself in the foot and prevent the
server from working as another (non-root) user.

PS -- I encountered, and fixed the faad2 "second song in a row comes
out as static" bug described elsewhere on this list.


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