View Full Version : Softsqueeze Event Log Error

Michael Sigalos
2005-02-14, 14:51
Just a note for the record... while using Softsqueeze client to Browse
Genres/Soundtrack/All Albums and navigate into M*A*S*H album folder,
service crashes and the following Application Event Log error is

Can't calculate string for Soundtrack All Albums M*A*S*H at
/PerlApp/Slim/Buttons/BrowseID3.pm line 492.

No similar errors using web browser.

The tags for the track in question...

Title: Theme From M*A*S*H
Artist: Johnny Mandell
Album: M*A*S*H
Genre: Soundtrack
Year: 1970
File: C:/Multimedia/Music/Johnny Mandell/M_A_S_H/Theme From M_A_S_H.mp3

Running W2K SP4, 5.4.1 latest nightly, OpenSSH 381, and SoftSqueeze 1.16 via
SSH connection.