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Ben Cook
2005-02-14, 14:43
A while ago I tried to proritise the SlimSerever service without success
(Win2K). I'd find this
option really useful.

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> Simon,
> If you find a suitable program can you let me know. I am thinking about
> adding the option so set the process priority in Windows XP into the
> Softsqueeze preferences - would others find this useful?
> Regards,
> Richard
> Simon Still wrote:
> >Is there anyway of prioritising apps 'permanently' in Windows XP? I
> >know you can set the prioirty of a process in task manager
> >(higher/lower/normal) but this only applies until you close the
> >process or reboot.
> >
> >If i have Softsqueeze playing and then use Photoshop album (which does
> >a lot of on-the-fly resizing of images) the sound breaks up. I dont
> >mind if the next image takes a bit longer to arrive but the audio
> >should have priority.
> >