View Full Version : Tagging for multiple disc albums

Richard Palmer
2005-02-12, 17:54
Can anybody please tell what tag information Slimserver looks for in MP3
files to determine multiple disc albums?

I originally ripped a lot of my files using iTunes (to MP3) and for double
disc albums gave both discs the same album name and used the Disc # tag
within iTunes.

I'm now using J.Rivers Media Centre 11 to rip to MP3 or WMA lossless, but
Slimserver no longer recognises my newly ripped 2 disc albums as separate
discs. (Media Centre has a "Disc#" tag, but slimserver doesn't read this)

So I assume Slimserver is looking for something iTunes tags MP3 files with
that maybe aren't actually standard?

Also is there a tag for WMA files that slimserevr will use to determine Disc

Many thanks