View Full Version : 5.4.0 Release and dropouts

Richard Scales
2005-02-12, 09:20
Hi everyone, I have mostly stuck to the official releases of Slimserver -
starting with V3.x but ever since I installed 5.4.0 I have been losing
connection with the Slimserver every once in a while (10 - 30 mins). It
would last about 10-15 seconds and then get right back to what it was doing
before the dropout.

I finally got bored explaining this to house guests so this morning I had a
go with 5.4.1 from the 10th February Nightly.

It has only been on for about 6 hours no but so far - no problems at all,
MP3, Shoutcast, SlimDevices Picksm the whole enchilada!

So, just in case anyone else has experienced this with 5.4.0 - 5.4.1 worked
for me! - Thanks to everyone.

Richard Scales

Slimserver 5.4.1 10/05/05, Windows 2000 Pro, 1GB RAM, 48K songs, firing on
all six!