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2005-02-12, 06:34
can see entries for other remotes just as you said.
have ordered a new remote.
thanks to everybody for all the help.

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> Hi,
> My first post.I have a problem with the remote.Stopped working even wiyh
> batteries etc.Suspect faulyt connections.Has anyone else had to replace
> remote?
> And what with and what results.
> Any replies would be greatly appreciated.I live in the UK.
> Brian.

Hi Brian,

For an easy fix you might check that you haven't unchecked the box for
"Slim_Devices_Remote" under Player Settings -> Remote in the slimserver web

Assuming that's not the problem, turn on d_ir debugging to check if the ir
receiver's working at all (the log should show all ir keypresses -- even
those by non-slim remotes -- when you have d_ir on). If you can see entries
in the log when you press keys on non-slim remotes but not the slim remote
then your slim remote's broken. If you see nothing at all then the ir
receiver's broken. And if you see entries from both slim and non-slim
remotes then perhaps your .ir files or .map files are somehow screwed up or