View Full Version : Squeezebox suddenly very lethargic

2005-02-12, 05:24
Help! I don't know what's happened to my Slim Devices. Both my SLIMP3 (FW
2.2) and my Squeezebox (FW 4.0) are responding EXTREMELY slowly to volume
change commands from the remote. I have upgraded the SlimServer to some build
of 5.4.1 so to get AlienBBC to work. I have noticed some other strange
behaviour: when I power-cycle the Squeezebox, it does not find the
SlimServer. Yet when I go thru the manual network setup and specify the IP,
it *does* find it. I am running Win XP with Sygate's PF. When I look at
SPF's IP packet trace, I can see that network activity results from my volume
change commands. Incidentally, all other menu action happens at the usual
fast speed. Oh, and one other thing: I noticed that the Power On/Off state
in the SlimServer GUI is always stuck at On (though the player may be off).