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Dondi Fusco
2005-02-11, 17:45
> Dondi:
> Just out of curiosity, how does one go about
> accumulating a library of
> 70K songs? I have about $5K all through the 350+
> CDs I have purchased
> and scanned in. I am not interested in downloads,
> but heck, that is a
> lot of music. I was at one point in my life a DJ at
> my University's FM
> station where we had something like 40K albums
> (which took up just a ton
> of shelf space you could imagine). I have some
> friends with 1200 or so
> CD collections, but that would be about 4000 CDs by
> my count of that
> medium. Impressive. Is it mainly pop/rock?
Well, besides a huge CD collection as a base, there is
a significant amount of live stuff (archive.org is a
source for free live music) and CD-R trading of live
shows, tv/movie outtakes, old 12" remixes from DJ
collections, Audio books, etc. Been building the
collection for years since the days of DOS
command-line MP3 creation. I have never done the
napster thing or whatever peer-to-peer apps are out
there these days to trade MP3s.

-- Dondi

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