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Dondi Fusco
2005-02-11, 16:02
--- Ralph Edington <ralph (AT) edington (DOT) com> wrote:

> That's odd, I have the latest WMP10 on Win2kPro and
> I don't see that
> behavior. WMP10 correctly and accurately accounts
> for all 2731 of my songs,
> and all of the albums and their songs show up
> correctly even though the
> "Album Artist" field is clearly NOT filled in, on
> any of them.
> All I can say is, Huhn.

This is very evident under Windows Media Center 2K5
edition which uses WMP10 as the back-end. The songs
are "there" even though the ALBUM ARTIST field is not
filled-in and the only way to get to them is to browse
via ARTIST >> SONGS >> etc., and that will only get
you to the songs of the missing albums, NOT the albums
ina nd of themselves.
But, if the ALBUM ARTIST is not filled-in, the ALBUM
will not show up anywhere as an album. Its very odd
behavior, yes, but annoying when you know you have a
particular album and you cant get to it via browsing
in a normal fashion like via BROWSE ALBUM.

-- Dondi

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