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Ralph Edington
2005-02-11, 15:47
That's odd, I have the latest WMP10 on Win2kPro and I don't see that
behavior. WMP10 correctly and accurately accounts for all 2731 of my songs,
and all of the albums and their songs show up correctly even though the
"Album Artist" field is clearly NOT filled in, on any of them.

All I can say is, Huhn.


> >
> My $.02; I have ~70,000 tunes in my library and have
> had better luck with SlimServer catching the files in
> my library as opposed to the advent of Windows Media
> Player 10 per se. As a rule-of-thumb, the generic &
> basic fields of the ID3 metatags have always been
> present in the files in my library and I have always
> used a single containing folder per album with track
> numbers in sequence, so there are no multi-album sets
> etc. Just using WMP10 as an example, this same library
> gets very weird when imported into WMP10 as the new
> version of WMP10 relies on the ALBUM ARTIST field to
> sort/create albums etc. If this field is not
> filled-in, then no album. This field was never a
> necessity for players and wasnt so-much a default
> field to be filled-in. So, I am in the process of
> going back thru my library and "re-tagging" a single
> field, ALBUM ARTIST, so that my clients that use WMP10
> (i.e., Windows Media Ctr 2K5) can see the entire
> library.
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