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Ralph Edington
2005-02-11, 14:40
In my case, they really were "missing" before the tag massaging, it wasn't
just a count-display issue.

I will admit, I had a lot of what you might call "bad tags". They weren't
really BAD, but I had a lot of stuff that had been streamripped from
shoutcast stations, and was lucky if it had it artist and title info. Album
and track number were virtually non-existent, which was causing 5.4.1 to
have an attack of "I don't see you". Same problem with multi-album sets I
had combined into one directory (why did I do that? I don't know, don't
ask, made sense at the time), but since apparently 5.4 uses album and track#
as indices, this also caused a bad case of the "I don't see you"s.

So it's not just a display issue. Slimserver (at least 5.4.x) can easily be
fooled into missing some music altogether, soley based on imperfect ID3

Am I that different than the average user? Probably not. Most of us have
some weird MP3s that we got from somewhere. But we're used to taking for
granted that our music software can find all the songs that we actually
have. 5.4.x doesn't do this very well; hopefully 6.0 will be much better.


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> you put too much faith in a number. I said nothing about accuracy
> of content
> (which IS absolutely critical), just the accuracy of a statistic reported
> simply to make a user have a number to talk about. The songs arent' always
> missing, just dind't increment at the one chance they get to do so.
> -kdf