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Ralph Edington
2005-02-11, 13:37
> Slimserver isn't just music management, and no other software out
> there supports
> so many formats from so many sources. If you looked at the others just as
> closely, I'm sure you'd find that they dont always count the
> same. I would be
> willing to be 6.0 will not always be matched +/- <1 to every
> other management
> software out there either. I would also think it a waste of time
> to put a lot
> of effort into making sure that number matches. If that is top
> priority for
> any user, I would suggest a server pref for "how many songs do you want
> slimserver to say you have" and be done with it :)
> -kdf

I respectfully disagree. I would think that accuracy and completeness of
the library database would be paramount to any user, *especially* those with
a large database. (Those with small libraries can see at a glance whether
or not it's all there. Large database users often have to do tedious and
timeconsuming crosschecking if they suspect a problem, as I did.)

I was fairly shocked to find that several albums and hundreds of songs just
flat out *weren't there" (from slim's perspective) even after a complete
rescan (this was before my tag massaging). It took major massaging of tags
simply to get them to show up -- massaging that I had never had to do
before, with any other software.

Slim Devices acknowledged this and other cataloging/indexing issues in
5.4.x. Their response essentially was "this will be fixed in 6.0 because we
don't have time to work on major fixes to 5.4.x", which is a perfectly fine
and acceptable response.

I think to try to rationalize 5.4.x's weaknesses by imploring that it's more
than just music management software is rather beside the point. Slim's job
is to play the music. If it can't find the music and keep track of it, it
can't play the music. If users are not aware that their music is not even
showing up in their library, then they are being done a grave disservice.


2005-02-11, 14:19
Quoting Ralph Edington <ralph (AT) edington (DOT) com>:

> I respectfully disagree. I would think that accuracy and completeness of

you put too much faith in a number. I said nothing about accuracy of content
(which IS absolutely critical), just the accuracy of a statistic reported
simply to make a user have a number to talk about. The songs arent' always
missing, just dind't increment at the one chance they get to do so.