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2005-02-10, 19:14
Linix without a doubt.

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> OK, trying to avoid a windows/linux flamewar here. I use both
> (and Mac OS X, for what it's worth) in different
> circumstances quite happily.
> But, I'm setting up a new box (Shuttle form factor, P4) for
> SlimServer only. Just SlimServer, nothing else. (Well, ok, backup).
> I'd like to have it headless, and manage remotely (likely
> from Windows XP).
> So, should it be linux, or Windows XP? (Mac OS is out as the
> hardware's already in place).
> Which runs SlimServer more efficiently?
> Are there plugins or functions not available across
> platforms? I haven't followed very closely the whole AlienBBC
> thread, but I might want to listen to Real or other type
> radio streams. (KCRW, for example).
> I have a ~260GB library, which is currently only MP3s, and
> the machine has 1GB of RAM.