View Full Version : slimserver 5.4.0 installation problem on solaris x86

2005-02-10, 17:09

I just downloaded v5.4.0 and tried to install it on my solaris 8 x86
machine. It seems I've done something fundamentally wrong; when I
start slimserver.pl I see:

2005-02-10 23:44:54.6149 Your MP3 directory needs to be configured. Please open your web browser,
2005-02-10 23:44:54.6177 go to the following URL, and click on the "Server Settings" link.

2005-02-10 23:44:54.6206 The URL to access the SlimServer is now:

So far so good. But when I browse to http://kamakura:9000/, I get the
following gibberish in my browser:

#------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Compiled template generated by the Template Toolkit version 2.13 #------------------------------------------------------------------------ Template::Document->new({ METADATA => { 'modtime' => '1100548770', 'name' => 'index.html', }, BLOCK => sub { my $context = shift || die "template sub called without context\n"; my $stash = $context->stash; my $output = ''; my $error; eval { BLOCK: { $output .= "\n get('webroot'); $output .= "favicon.ico\" TYPE=\"image/x-icon\">\n get('webroot'); $output .= "favicon.ico\" type=\"image/x-icon\" /> \n\n\n \n \n \n \n \n\n \n filter('uri') || $context->throw($context->error); $output .= $stash->get('player'); &$filter($output); }; $output .= "\">\n \n filter('uri') || $context->throw($context->error); $output .= $stash->get('player'); &$filter($output); }; $output .= "\">\n filter('uri') || $context->throw($context->error); $output .= $stash->get('player'); &$filter($output); }; $output .= "\">\n \n\n \n

\n \n\n \n \n\n"; } }; if ($@) { $error = $context->catch($@, \$output); die $error unless $error->type eq 'return'; } return $output; }, DEFBLOCKS => { }, });

Regarding the installation: I created a user "slimserver", with home
dir /home/slimserver, and unpacked the tarfile there. I chowned
everything to slimserver. I'm running slimserver.pl as slimserver.

Anyone have any ideas?


PS: Do I need to run slimserver.pl as root?

PPS: My perl is v5.8.4

PPS: I think there is something wierd going on with cachedir and the
creation of dynamic web content? For example, when I truss
slimserver.pl, it appears to be creating a subdirectory hierarchy
under /home/slimserver//home/slimserver/HTML/Default/... (note the
double //). I'm not sure I understand if this is normal or part of the