View Full Version : "Play Everything"

Simon Turner
2005-02-10, 13:27
> One of the primary use-cases for my iPod is to set it on shuffle, select
> "Browse Music", hit Play, and it will work its way through my entire
> collection one song at a time, shufling appropriately.

I'm beginning to think I must be getting something wrong because it seems
simple to me and yet no-one has ever suggested the method I use when this
question has come up on this list previously.

If you browse Albums and select to play All Songs with shuffle set doesn't
this do what you want?
Or Browse Artists and select All Albums.
The same applies for Browse Genres.

My collection is all tagged perfectly ('cos I'm anal like that) and so every
track includes an album (even my singles include something in the album
tag), artist and genre tag.

I look forward to finding out why this is not the solution.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK