View Full Version : When are we going to see live forums?

Michael Sigalos
2005-02-10, 10:05
Ok, I'll throw in my 2 cents... Being able to post via the web forum would
be a nice feature indeed. While I am subscribed to the e-mail lists, I
have turned off all mail delivery for many of the reasons discussed here
(sorting through clutter and deleting topics that are not of interest). I
use the web forum to review topics and keep up with the community but
replying is just too cumbersome for me. To do so requires that I cut and
paste the subject and related conversation thread into an e-mail and format
and such. Forget it. I suppose I'm just too lazy but getting a ton of mail
just so I can reply to a few messages per week doesn't really spell solution
for me so I just stay on the sidelines and lurk. There are times I'd like
to participate and contribute something, but I don't because I can't just
click and type a reply. Okay, admittedly I am not a linuxer or a perl
coder and that might be the very reason why the e-mail thingy doesn't work
for me. I don't like terminal displays and I don't like command lines... I
like a GUI.

Clearly, the power developers need to be happy and most seem to prefer
e-mail so that MUST stay. However, there is likely a large power user base
out there that would participate more often if contributing was more
straight forward and user friendly. In the end, doing so would benefit

> If it takes this kind of gentle reminder to the folks at Slim Devices
> that forums are badly overdue, then by all means this thread and more
> to follow are very welcome by myself and (apparently) many others.