View Full Version : (SOLVED) Problems with playing m4a files (another one)

2005-02-10, 06:02
It's me again - replying to my own topic because I found out what
happened: It was just me being dumb. :-/

> After reinstalling the computer whichs runs my Slimserver
> (5.4.0) on Windows XP now my (unprotected) m4a files won't
> play anymore. The Squeezebox jumps through all the songs in
> the playlists, trying to play each one for a second but there
> is no sound.
> If installed the latest Quicktime (6.5.2) on this machine and
> it can play those m4a files without problems. They are
> definitely _not_ protected, I created them myself using iTunes 4.x.

When I said I installed the latest Quicktime, I did, but only in
"Minimal" mode. After reinstalling the Quicktime package in the
"Recommended" mode, the mov123.exe works without errors and I can now
play my m4a files fine again.

Sorry for any confusion I might have caused.