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Michael Haan
2005-02-09, 14:12
Yes, I'd tried that before and just did again.  I don't get the same error message, now softsqueeze just tells me there was an error connecting to the server, but the server is running.  Any ideas?

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>Subject: [slim] SoftSqueeze and OpenSSH

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>Michael Haan wrote:


>>I'm glad Roy got his sistuation straightened-out, not let's see

>>about me.  I had softsqueeze working against my prior slimserver

>>install, but since moving slim to a new box - no luck.  I have

>>putty installed on my laptop here at work.  When I fire it up and

>>point it port 22  of my external ip address (which forwarded all

>>the way through to the slim box), I can login as both myself, and

>>the slimserver user.  However, when I fire up softsqueeze, I get

>>some message about remote host identification changing.  What do I

>>need to do?



>This is due to the fact that the entire point of SSH is to verify

>that the server you are connecting to is the one you think you are

>connecting to.  All though you are connecting to the same IP as

>before SSH realizes that you are not in fact connecting to the

>computer you told it to trust. This is because each install of SSH

>has a unique key that is exchanged when the first connection is

>made. The easiest way to get around this is to delete the list of

>know hosts on the client machine.  On my XP machine here at work it

>is located in:


>C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\.ssh


>I just deleted the .ssh folder when I ran into this problem.  The

>next time you fire up SoftSqueeze it will recreate the needed files

>and ask you to accept the key from your new SSH server.


>Hope that helps,






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