View Full Version : When are we going to see live forums?

2005-02-08, 10:47
I realize that there is this desire to create forums that won't leave email
list subscribers out in the cold, but a forum is really due especially with
the flood of new users on this list recently.

The forums went into beta/test over 3 months ago and since then we've had no
info on what the status is with them. I am getting a little tired of the
flood of email on this list but I won't unsubscribe until a forum is up that
can be used to post/respond to issues.

Robin Bowes
2005-02-09, 00:15
Dean wrote:
> I don't really see the point in maintaining the e-mail functionality,
> especially if it's complicating and delaying the browser-based forum.
> Web-based forums (perhaps complemented with an RSS-feed) are where it's
> at today. Who in their right minds actually wants to receive tons of
> e-mail of which probably only 1% to 10% is of interest to them? I only
> subscribed so I could respond to one or two threads and I now have a
> mail folder with about 934 unread e-mails.
> Can we take a vote? Who would like to see the browser-based forum up
> and running even if it means closing down the e-mail list?

Nooooooooooohhhhhhhh, not again!


Ian Payton
2005-02-09, 11:51
Dean wrote:
> I only
> subscribed so I could respond to one or two threads and I now have a
> mail folder with about 934 unread e-mails.

You probably want to turn off the mail delivery option and read the
discussions through some other mechanism, then.

To turn off mail delivery, go here:
scroll to the bottom of the page and log via the edit/unsubscribe link.
Then when you get to the options page, set "Mail delivery" to "Disabled".

You then don't receive any of the e-mail, but you remain a member of the
list, and consequently authorised to post to it. You can then point
your newsreader at the appropriate place on gmane (which is what I do)
or read it via RSS from, for instance:
or you can read it directly on the web at gmane at, for instance:

So, there are 4 different ways to read and contribute to the slim forums:
mail list
news (via NNTP)
news (via Web interface)
RSS feed

This is more flexible than any other forum (web based or otherwise) that
I'm involved in.