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Cafe Nervosa
2005-02-08, 10:23
Thanks for your help setting the network parameters.
Correcting the wireless gateway IP setting on the SB allowed me to connect.

I find however, the connection doesn't work for very long. It runs for a
few/20 minutes than losses the connection. It then doesn't re-connect. I
have to unplug the SB and reboot the PC to get connected again. I will try
searching for troubleshooting tips on the issue of improving the connection
and using the blocking function, password and encryption.


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Subject: [slim] WIN XP PRO SP2 Ad Hoc
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Thanks Ian,
You are correct. One of the settings I made on the SB is:
>Wireless Gateway (which you say is incorrect)

I didn't know that I should make this entry the IP of the WiFi card on the
When I work on this tonight I will adjust the setting to:
Wireless Gateway IP

Does anyone know of a:
How To Connect SB to WIN XP using Wireless Ad Hac Network?
If not, I would edit the help messages I have recieved and post it to this
Also, for a wired Ad Hoc Network and the SB, is a null (wires crossed)
network cable required or do you use a regular ethernet cable?



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Subject: [slim] WIN XP PRO SP2 Ad Hoc - No connection
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 08:03:36 +0000


Cafe Nervosa wrote:
>Here is is output of route print.
>I think I do have the line you asked for.

Yes you do. This line means that anything for will be routed by
your windows box through the adaptor:

> Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface


>Still not connected.

What about the Wireless Gateway setting on the SB? I use DHCP on a wired
network here, so I haven't had to do this myself, but the help files say

> Using static IP address
> To configure the player using static IP addresses, choose "Enter
> everything manually". This will take you to a series of four screens,
> where you can enter the IP address of the player, your netmask, your
> router's address, and the IP address of your server. To enter the
> addresses, use the left and right buttons to select the digit to edit,
> and up/down to change that digit. Press "ok" to go the next screen
> (the 'ok' button is just below and to the right of the arrow buttons).

The equivalent of "router" here is "wireless gateway". You showed this as
being set to earlier. Can you change that to the IP address of your
XP box?