View Full Version : How to use more than one iTunes library

Oliver Laumann
2005-02-08, 04:25
I'm a new Squeezebox owner, so I apologize if this has been asked
before. I couldn't find an answer in the FAQ or in the archives.

I have enabled iTunes in the Slimserver configuration and maintain my
music collection on an Apple PowerBook. Each time the iTunes music
collection on the notebook changes, I transfer an update of the iTunes
music library to the Slimserver machine using rsync.

What I'm wondering is, how can someone in the same household (e.g. my
wife) maintain her own iTunes music library on her own notebook and
keep it in sync with a copy on the server in the same way? I assume
the Slimserver software can only read one single iTunes library on the
server, so all I can do is to add one of the two iTunes libraries as a
plain Music Folder.

Is there a better solution, for example, does there exist some kind of
(UNIX/Linux-)utility that combines two iTunes music libraries into