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2005-02-07, 21:55
Hello Bruce,

that is exactly the radio station I'm looking for, but the archive
didn't help me. What is an IVF-file?
Maybe there is a description for newbies available?

Thx so far
Which German radio station are you trying to play? The link you have looks
like it might be missing something. For example, here's the link for Radio
Hamburg that Patrick Delamere used in his email
http://lists.slimdevices.com/archives/discuss/2004-November/039133.html from
Nov 29, 2004.



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> Hi there,
> I think, it's not the first time, but I can't find the archive:
> I have a link to play a german radio-station in an internet explorer
> window.
> I created a pls-File in my playlist-directory like this:
> [playlist]
> numberofentries=1
> File1=http://aaa/redirect.lsc?adid=0&stream=radio/livestream.wma&content=live&media=ms
> Title1=Radio
> Length1=-1
> Version=2
> When putting the file1-address to the internet-explorer I can hear the
> radio-station, but when trying to play the playlist from a squeezebox
> or softsqueeze, it's trying to connect but don't get the connection.
> Any ideas?
> Thank you
> Tobias