View Full Version : Direct Wired Connection - Do I need a null cable or a normal

Cafe Nervosa
2005-02-07, 21:51
I see the FAQ on direct cables.

Since Squeezebox ethernet interface is 10 megabit ethernet, you can use
either a CAT3 or CAT5 ethernet cable. If you are connecting directly to a
computer you will need a crossover cable. If you are connecting to a
router, a regular straight cable will work just fine.

Here is some more detailed info:

During troubleshooting, try setting the system up wired.
When the SB is connected directly to the PC Ethernet connection use a cross
over cable (also known as a Null cable).
remeber to switch the SB settings to look for the slomserver over a wired

http://www.linuxselfhelp.com/HOWTO/Ethernet-HOWTO-5.html says to make a null
If you are only connecting two machines, it is possible to avoid using a
hub, by swapping the Rx and Tx pairs (1-2 and 3-6).
If you hold the RJ-45 connector facing you (as if you were going to plug it
into your mouth) with the lock tab on the top, then the pins are numbered 1
to 8 from left to right. The pin usage is as follows:

Pin Number Assignment
---------- ----------
1 Output Data (+)
2 Output Data (-)
3 Input Data (+)
4 Reserved for Telephone use
5 Reserved for Telephone use
6 Input Data (-)
7 Reserved for Telephone use
8 Reserved for Telephone use