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Cafe Nervosa
2005-02-06, 15:39
Still unable to connect. Please point me to a How To article for setting up
the network settings for an XP machine.

Thanks Derek

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Subject: [slim] WIN XP PRO SP2 Ad Hoc - No connection
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 21:09:22 +0000

Thanks for helping.

Ping gets a request timed out.
I disable the Ethernet LAN and ping. I still get request timed out.

I forgot to mention that the WIN XP firewall was set up as per several
Port number: 3483 (TCP) - Name: SlimServer Control
Port number: 3483 (UDP) - Name: SlimDiscovery
Port Number: 9000 (TCP) - Name: SlimServer Web

How do I tell the slimserver to use the wireless card and not the Ethernet?
I don't see it in the Home/Server Settings/Network page.

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From: Mark Schlack <mschlack (AT) verizon (DOT) net>
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Subject: [slim] WIN XP PRO SP2 Ad Hoc - No connection
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 15:33:50 -0500

OK, so as I understand it, you have a PC at that you want to
connect to a Squeezebox at One way to tell if you have basic
connectivity is to launch the Command Prompt (Run CMD) and do ping from the PC. You will either get a response telling you there's
no connection or one telling you the time it takes to make a round trip. No
connection means just that -- something's not working. Any connection means
there's something in the software on either side that's preventing the
Slimserver from connecting with the Squeebox. Likely suspect is the Windows
XP firewall (lots of stuff about configuring that here and elsewhere). Also,
do you have another network card in the PC besides the wireless? The
slimserver could be trying to use that.

Cafe Nervosa wrote:

>Please help me connect my Squeeze box to a WIN XP computer over an Ad Hoc
>Slimserver is running on the PC with WIN XP PRO SP2.
>The Wireless card is NETGEAR WG311 v2 802.11g internal PCI card.
>Slimserver v5.4.0 for windows is running on the PC. It says "player not
>Using the NETGEAR configutation I created a profile
>Profile: SqueezeBOX
>Network Name (SSID): Squeeze
>In the WIN XP network connections I set the IP address of the wireless card
>Subnet Mask:
>In the NETGEAR configuration about tab I see the Device IP address is:
>On the Sueezebox I view the setting and these are:
>Wireless IP Address
>Wireless Subnet Mask:
>Wireless Gateway
>Slimserver IP
>Wireless Network Name: Squeeze
>Wireless Encryption: none
>Wireless Singal Strength: 87%
>Wireless MAC address 00:04:20:05:8c:73
>Sueezebox firmware vervion: 40
>Obtain IP Adress: Manually (static)
>The Squeeze box says it can not find the wireless network.
>NETGEAR does not see the squeeze box.
>Newstumbler does not see anything with MAC address 00:04:20:05:8c:73
>During this troublshooting, the Squeezebox is in the same small room
>I believe the hardware is working because:
>I can accesss the Internet through unsecured WiFi access points within
>For a short time last night I did stream to the Squeezebox buy then the
>started to get buggy and "can not connect" screens appered.
>I uninstalled and reinstalled the slimslerver twice.